New Words Bubbling Out

I am writing a lot again. I get periods when titles, or themes to write, the main bones, bubble up from my subconscious; I then know I need to write it all down, somewhere, anywhere! It could be written on Evernote which syncs with my phone, Kindle fire, Macbook etc. Or it could be on back of a business card, napkin, scrap of paper… The 1st draft is formed in my head first, then written down. This is unusual and frustrating at times but incredibly rewarding, allowing the words freedom to touch people, knowing they were locked in my head for so long.

Mindfulness is used to calm my mind and body before gently letting the words out. I will collate it together and form some blogs from it very soon. I appreciate everyone that takes time to read my blog. I find it very therapeutic getting it out of my head or heart and into a blog. Expect more this weekend.

Peace. Stephen.


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